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Dr. Ambedkar School was established in 2007 in Sajókaza with the help and support of the Jai Bhim Community. The aim of the school is to open up the possibility of further education in communities where the proportion of graduates does not reach 1%.

With the help of the Open Society Foundations and the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, the school building, designed by architect Margit Pelényi, opened its doors in Sajókaza, In the past 13 years at our school, 113 adults have completed their primary school education. As well, 114 people have taken their graduating exam in a given subject.

In 2016, the school was able to relocate to a new building in Miskolc with the support of the Badur Foundation. The Vice President of the Republic of India Hamid Ansari and his wife Salma Ansari supported the expansion of the school building.

In 2018, funding from the Hungarian Government made possible the establishment of the Martin Luther King Dormitory, which closely assists the work of the school. During the dorm’s inauguration ceremony, Félix Farkas, the Parliamentary Roma Nationalist Spokesman, cut the ribbon.

The public education contract of the Dr. Ámbédkar School expired on August 31, 2020. The Ministry of Human Resources will not renew the contract and will not enter into a new one with the school administration. At the same time, the Ministry reduced the operational support of other educational institutions working for the benefit of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, including the János Wesley School and the Igazgyöngy School of Art in Berettyóújfalu. In total, 30 million forints (approximately 84,000 Euros) will be missing from the coming school year.

Donate to support the operation of Dr. Ámbédkar School:

Account owner:
Dzsaj Bhím Triratna Buddhista Közösség (the school administrative organization)
7623 Pécs, Szabadság út 19-21.

Name of the financial institution:
Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.

Account number:

International Bank Account Number (IBAN):
HU52 1200 1008 0015 6776 0010 0009


The Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) took steps to fund the school a year ago by transforming the Dr. Ámbédkar School into a technical school, so that our students can learn a trade in addition to preparing for their graduating exams. To this end, the institution received state-of-the-art furniture, a computer server, and developer equipment from ITM as well as support from the Idetartozunk Egyesület (We Belong Here Association) and the Roma Education Fund. The transformation into a technical school has also begun to take place, but due to a change in legislation, our school will only be able to fall under the direction of the ITM starting in 2021. As a result, the school is ineligible to receive government financial support for its vocational orientation grade. Based on this, the institution falls short approximately 18 million forint (approximately 50,000 Euros) needed for the school year.

Over the years, our school has developed a scholarship system with the Roma communities with whom we work, called Manumissio, built on the private donations of many individuals. The Manumissio website can be found at the following link: www.5barat.com

Donate to the Manumissio inter amicos scholarship fund:

Name of the financial institution:
Magnet Magyar Közösségi Bank Zrt.

Account owner:
Dr. Ambedkar Youth Association,
3532 Miskolc, Tátra utca 2.
3720 Sajókaza, Sólyom telep 7-9.
Account number:

International Bank Account Number (IBAN):
HU56 1620 0106 1161 6685 0000 0000


Press releases:

Megint a legelesettebbeken rúgnak egyet

Annyiszor kell felállni a padlóról, hogy érzem magamon és a csapaton is: fogy az erőnk

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Dr. Ámbédkar High School is seeking qualified entry-level or experienced teachers to fill available positions teaching Hungarian Roma students. University students finishing teacher preparation degrees are also encouraged to apply. We are looking for teachers who have a passion for teaching and put the student’s learning experience first. Teachers who do not speak Hungarian are welcome to apply. There are immediate openings in the following areas and positions:

Biology – full-time / part-time
Chemistry – full-time / part-time
English language – full-time / part-time
French language – full-time / part-time
Geography – full-time / part-time
History – full-time / part-time
Hungarian grammar and literature – full-time / part-time
Mathematics – full-time / part-time
Music – full-time / part-time
Physical education – full-time / part-time
Physics – full-time / part-time

Dependent on qualifications and Hungarian pedagogue salary categories.

• University degree in any field
• English language knowledge preferred
• Be responsible for developing lesson plans in close coordination with the school directors
• Be willing to collaborate with teachers from other subject areas to develop the yearly curriculum
• Have an ability to adapt to teaching styles and working with students from an ethnic minority background with a variety of needs

Specific working hours are negotiable, but full-time teachers usually work 40 hours per week. Of those 40 hours, 26 are teaching hours. Commuting from outside of Miskolc is possible, but we expect teachers who live outside of Miskolc to work at least three days per week. Our school typically has small class sizes with usually 6 to 30 students, aged 15 to 20 years old in each class. Teachers may be asked to occasionally organize and chaperone students on field trips; some trips may take place on weekends and last for a few days.

• Paid daily transportation to and from school
• If needed, teachers who commute to and from Miskolc may stay at the dorm
• With us, teachers have many opportunities to grow their professional networks and develop their teaching methods

Our school works closely with the following partners: Amnesty International, Central European University, Corvinus University, University of Miskolc, and PREZI.

Passion and enthusiasm is a must!

To apply for the position, please send a detailed CV (in English or in Hungarian) to the following e-mail address as soon as possible: ntyeklar@gmail.com. If you have any questions related to the job posting, please call +36 30 517 6038 or send us an e-mail.

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Manumissio inter amicos

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Manumissio inter amicos

On 5th June 2014, Pope Francis warned Europeans: ’Without integration, Gypsies become victims of new forms of slavery.’

From the Vatican, the Holy Father sees clearly the shameful picture: old and young, whether in Northern Hungary or Eastern Slovakia, rake the gutters of their remote villages the whole year round for just 200 Euros a month, doing so-called ’Community Work’, a government scheme administered by village authorities. In exchange for this paltry amount, they are excluded from normal education or jobs. They may well live their whole lives in the same degraded position, mentally reined in for the sake of a sum that does not afford them a living wage. Community work turns people into subjects who are dependent. Quality does not matter: the future belongs only to those who submit. A new caste system is being constructed on the Eastern fringes of the European Union.

Knowledge that enables you to compete in a free labour market for fair wages is a privilege you must be born to if you are to get it in Eastern Europe. Someone who was born the child of uneducated, especially Gypsy parents, will probably live in segregated neighbourhoods and will be guided into separate institutional structures. American and African visitors are taken aback to see the racial segregation of their own past. Indian guests are reminded of what the caste system was like 100 years ago.

5-10 % of the population of Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Roumania, and Bulgaria is Roma. These people can be distinguished by their skin colour. However you will very rarely meet darker skinned Roma students at the universities of Budapest, Bucharest, or Bratislava. The students of colour in higher education anywhere from Prague to Sofia are almost all foreigners.

In Eastern Europe, ethnic and social selection of children happens early, at the age of six. In Hungary for example most of the children belonging to higher ’castes’ gain admission to white Catholic or Protestant church or private schools, and their parents pay for extra coaching for them. After 12 years, they are assured of passing high school leaving exams, or A levels, and many will go on to university.

Those who do not gain admittance to such privileged or less elite but still white establishments, will attend segregated schools to which only Gypsies go and they can forget about ever learning multiplication tables and will never be able to understand an article from a newspaper. And there will be no way out. A good proportion of segregated children will stay at elementary school until the end of their compulsory school attendence at 16. They will never get any secondary education.

At the age of 14, when successful students can go on to secondary education, if a Roma child should still try to enter high school, he or she will meet closed doors. For example, talented but disadvantaged students are effectively guided away from secondary schools by Hungarian educational policy using financial incentives. The State promises 100 Euros a month scholarship to any youngster who chooses the dead end of vocational school, where he or she will not learn any foreign language and only a very little mathematics, science, or art. This option decides the question of further education for families living in deep poverty: nobody goes to grammar or high school because no such scholarship is offered for normal secondary education. This merely budgetary means in effect cleanses secondary education of Gypsies. The population expresses its gratitude for ethnically pure secondary schools and abundant scholarships for vocational students by voting for casteist political parties at elections.

When disadvantaged students reach the age of 16, the policy flushes them from formal education by putting them into the unemployment system. The Labour Office offers youngsters the same amount that their parents get for their Community Service, and imposes on them only one condition: ’Leave your school’. No youngster in poverty can resist the offer of 200 Euros. In recent years, Hungary has stripped 15 % of 17 year olds from the secondary school system. To put the accusation bluntly: the State Budget spends more and more money effectively to stop the secondary school studies of poor kids – which mainly means Gypsies.

This is not the worst that happens. A proportion of early school leavers fall in with criminal gangs, human trafficking to the West for begging and prostitution.

If somebody revolts against this mental reining in and still chooses grammar/high school studies, he or she can expect but 40 Euros per month „study support” from the Hungarian Government. And for this, if he or she has a darker skin, they must face constant racial prejudice at school. And so we move farther and farther from our famous European ideals.

With the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire, well intentioned people liberated slaves more and more often. That was called ’Manumissio inter amicos”sending forth by hand before friends (as witnesses). Christianity at that time followed the path indicated in the Gospels.

We cannot accept that today the social role of religion is to run segregated elite white schools. We need friends again who will liberate our fellow citizens from the slavery of community work and worse.

Please take your part in our movement. We want to offer students the 200 Euros a month they’d get as unemployed if they left school. Give 40 Euros a month to a student. Four friends each giving in this way together make up the missing 160 euros for a student studying for A level. Altogether these are five friends. Minus a slave. Plus an educated European citizen who can contribute economically and socially.

Let’s be friends!



Name of Financial Institution: MagNet Magyar Közösségi Bank Zrt.

Account owner:
Dr. Ambedkar Youth Association
3525 Miskolc, Tátra utca 2.
3720 Sajókaza, Sólyom Telep 7-9.

Account number: 16200106-11616685

International Bank Account Number (IBAN): HU56 1620 0106 1161 6685 0000 0000

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Dr. Ambedkar High School in Hungary would like to motivate and inspire underprivileged Roma students by sending them to English language summer camp.

Dr. Ambedkar High School was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing quality education and opportunities to Roma community, opportunities which have been denied to them because of racial discrimination and segregated educational system.

Since coming to existence, Dr. Ambedkar High School has successfully helped many Roma students finish their high school studies and send some of them for higher education studies at various universities. Till now, despite shortage of funds and opposition from various politicians, the school has been progressing thanks to the support from donors.

English language is very important for the students as it opens various doors for them and makes them suitable for the job market. So, we would love to send 6 of our students for the summer camp organised by FEK Foundation, Hungary so that it helps in integration as well as providing new learning experience for the students.

To send one student to a one week summer camp would cost around 150 Euro (around 46,000 HUF), which includes travelling, accommodation and food. For 6 students we would need around 1000 Euro (around 300, 000 HUF). If we could manage to raise more money, we will send more students for the English learning.


Deadline for the project is 10th July 2017. So, please help us raise the required money.

Jai Bhim!

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201035 (You will need this identifying number if you would like to look up our High School on different pages of the Ministry of Education.)

Our School 1st Part

Our School (1st Part)
Our school is named after Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (April 14, 1891-December 6, 1956) an Indian jurist, scholar and political leader. Born into a poor, dalit (untouchable) family and subjected to intense socio-economic discrimination, Ambedkar spent his life fighting against the Indian caste system and the idea of untouchability. We see his message being relevant for gypsies in our country today.

Our School 2nd Part

Our School (2nd Part)
Our school is serving in a region of northern Hungary where the proportion of high school graduates having matriculation examination is under 1%. At the gypsy settlements of Sajokaza, Lak, Alsovadasz, Homrogd there are thousands of people without the chance of secondary education. We believe, that the application of proper pedagogy will result in the elevation of above mentioned ratio similar to any other group of today's society, and our students so become competitive participants of the labour market.

Our School 3rd Part

Our School (3rd Part)
Our school offers person centered pedagogy, informatics, English language and sciences. By activating dormant energies of unused manpower we bring high grade secondary education to the poorest communities of our homeland.

Our School 4th Part

Our School (4th Part)
The objective of our school is to show the way out of poverty and make environmental stimuli enjoyable for everybody. We knowingly have encouraged our children to make friends with students of other schools years before founding the school. Our task is to transmit the essence of better life standards of more prosperous social strata to our students and their families. It is especially important in health issues, for we do not study to die early as the poor of the villages.

Our School 5th Part

Our School (5th Part)
Even though the school is situated in segregated environment, our efforts are to integrate. The goal is to bring high standard education to a totally unprovided area. The want should be satisfied. The effects of this service then attract non-Romany inhabitants, and lead to building valuable relationships around the segregated community. We believe in the possibility of dark spots on the map today to become bright stars tomorrow.

Our School 6th Part

Our School (6th Part)
We emphasize the values of Romany lifestyle. Even though the life is changing in Alsovadasz, Sajokaza, Lak, Homrogd and the other villages, people are going to have large families with lots of cousins, uncles and aunts for a few more decades. However nice and precious it is, the public opinion of the rest of the county might be different. One of the pedagogic tasks of the school is to provide students with well based confidence to commit to their own chosen lifestyle.

Our School 7th Part

Our School (7th Part)
The aim that our students want to achieve is high school graduation. Trade is offered only to those who want it along with graduation. Even for people fell out of primary education but wanting to learn we make understand that the goal is not just completing primary school but to change their social stand.

All of the Parts in One

Our School

  • Professor Shanker Dutt: Congratulations on the good work you are doing. The English language is an instrument of empowerment and liberation to access knowledge and technology
  • Hemant aka Nirvan Shinde: Dear Friends of Dr. Ambedkar School, I am highly pleased to congratulate you, for this historic step against segregation. you the Children of Dr. Amb
  • Pardeep S Attri: This is really great to hear all this activities going on!
  • Dhammadeep: jai bhim dear asok, you are really doing a great job i wish u all the very best
  • DHAMMADEEP DEOGADE: Dear Asok, Jai Bhim… UR Doing Great Work.. ..I’ve Photograph Collaction of Dr.Ambedker. It’s a  Orkut Link..do Get it…  http://www.orkut.c

Table of contents


    Headmaster: Tibor Derdak

    H-3720 Sajókaza, Rákóczi F. u. 29.

    H-3532 Miskolc, Tátra utca 2.

    Further field of activity places:
    H-3600 Ózd, Petőfi út 18-20.
    H-3659 Sáta, Kolozsvári út 5.

    (+36) 48-788-700

    International Bank Account Number:
    IBAN HU59 1203 7805 0033 7608 0010 0002
    SWIFT Code: UBRTHUHB (Raiffeisen Bank)


Right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration. (Buddha)

Illustrious Day

We wish a Happy Nameday to all visitors called Őrs!

Memorial Schedule

24 September: Pune Pact between Gandhi and Dr. Ambedkar in 1932

14 October: Conversion in Nagpur of Dr. Ambedkar and his Dalit followers in 1956: “Dhammadiksha” or “Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Din”

28 November: The Day of Orientalists (Körösi Csoma Sándor started his mysterious Eastern journey in 1819.)

5 November - 14 December: The Lőrinc family in Sajógalgóc gave shelter to four Jewish youngsters who had escaped labour camp.

19 January: Martin Luther King Day

11 February: The Day of Freedom in Religion: In 1676 the dutch admiral Michael de Ruyter freed the Hungarian galley slave praechers: e.g. Túróczi Végh András from Fülek, Kálnai Péter from Putnok, Szalóczi Mihály from Zubogy

14 April: Birthday of Dr. Ambedkar

2 May: Birthday of the Buddha

2 August: The Day of Gypsies’ Holocaust in 1944

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